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Video Walk Underwater

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Ever seen a Diving bell ship?

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What's the worst Christmas bonus you've ever received?


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Discussion What's the most egregious use of a movies title within it's script?


Example being Tom Sizemore's line in Saving Private Ryan

"Someday we might look back on this and decide that saving Private Ryan was one decent thing we were able to pull out of this whole godawful shitty mess"

My vote would go to 2016's Suicide Squad.

"what are we, some kinda suicide squad?"

Perfectly shoehorned in. 10/10 egregiousness

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AITA for pulling my daughter away once she found out the neighbors dog was put down?


In the morning my neighbor took their dog somewhere and later came back without him. He was old, and lived a good long life.

When they came back they were clearly trying to hold it together. The dog wasn't with them, as an adult looking at the situation it was obvious what had just happened. My daughter didn't see it (she's 15) and asked them where the dog was.

For a bit more context, you know how some kids are just massive animal lovers and are obsessed? Thats my daughter. she has very strong emotions around animals. She dreams of having lots of pets and owning land, and is actively participating in animal rights and volunteer groups.

They briefly said that the dog was put down and carried on walking inside. She started bawling and tried to ask questions on why and how could they do this. I immediately made her go inside.

I told her that its okay to be sad over this situation, it sucks. But its their dog and they are feeling 100x worse about it then she is. They need space and a bit of time and it wasn't an appropriate time or place to be asking them questions or even blaming them for the situation. She slammed her bedroom door on me and started scream crying.

My husband then had a go at me saying its her right to be sad over it and I shouldn't have gotten involved or interfered. I then told a couple of close friends about the situation and they told me that I shouldn't have told her off over it and that I wasn't allowing her to grieve properly.

I thought I was in the right, she's nearly 16. Its a teachable moment that sometimes horrible things happen but we need to control ourselves a bit and not make it about us. And also, she doesn't have a relationship with this dog. We say hello sometimes on the rare occasion we bump into them on a walk, but thats it. This isn't her first time experiencing a death either.

But maybe I should have approached it differently. What do you guys think.

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Israel/Palestine US vetoes UN resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire


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Rant Did everything millennials were told they were "supposed to do" and still can't afford child care in the US


Feeling a little defeated right now. I'm 31 and my husband is 38. We did "all the right things" we were told to do - went to college, got a degree, worked on our careers before starting a family, etc. But...

My husband and I are expecting our first (and only) child. Our incomes are almost identical and we gross a little over 85k/year combined. But after taxes, insurance and a 5% contribution to my 401(k), we only net around 65k/year.

We live in a relatively LCOL area and our household income is actually above average for where we are. However, the cheapest daycares in our area are $195/week.

We don't have family or anyone willing to help with child care.

With our incomes being basically identical, we can't afford for one person to be a SAHP, as we'd be losing 50% of our income. So our only option is to pay for the daycare.

We've ran the numbers a million times, and even with cutting out everything we possible can, including my 401(k) contribution, with the increase in insurance cost we'll have, daycare, diapers, likely formula, etc, we will literally be in the negative each month after all our bills are paid.

Also, in our state, to get any kind of assistance with child care costs, for a family of 3 you can't gross over 64k/year.

It's just so outraging to me that the average middle class couple cannot afford to raise children anymore. How do you guys do it??

At this point, we think taking out a HELOC on our home is probably the only way we're going to be able to make it through the 5 years until our kid starts public school.

ETA: changing jobs also isn't an option for us, because thankfully both of our jobs have incredible benefits - e.g. mine has 3 months paid maternity leave with lots of PTO, and my husband's has excellent insurance with no deductibles, coinsurance, or out-of-pocket max.

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Texas attorney general says he will sue doctor who gives abortion to Kate Cox

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Dev behind massive Skyrim multiplayer mod turns their hands to Starfield, gives up because "this game is f***ing trash," uploads everything for someone else to finish


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Fan Content "Starfield Together" will no longer be developed by the same modders that made Skyrim Together

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Internet Historian is a Nazi.


Since Hbomberguy's video, Plagiarism and You(Tube), I've been compiling information regarding IH's plagiarism and ties to the alt-right. However, there has yet to be a post fully dedicated to the latter, documenting all of the strange and disturbing discoveries over the last several days.

Listed below are the individual receipts, additional context, and their respective sources:

  • Dog-Whistle in The Bikelock Fugitive of Berkeley
    At 0:55, an item description box from World of Warcraft displays the durability value "14/88." Maximum durability values in WoW can only end in 5s or 0s, so this was not an unfortunate coincidence, but a deliberate edit. Additional Notes: Transphobic pronouns joke at 0:10. Second reference to 1488 at 0:08, "ProGamer1488." Hitler's birthday is dated on the calandar at 0:03.
  • Internet Historian's Birthday Dog-Whistle
    In an interview with SumitoMedia (friend and mutual on twitter), IH confirms that when approached by the website Famous Birthdays, he submitted a fake birthday: April 20th, 1989. This is the 100th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday on April 20th, 1889. At 5:43, Sumito asks if he's referring to 420, to which IH confirms, and at 6:35 IH says "Uh, yeah, 1989, I don't know. I can't remember, but there was some joke with 1989, I just can't remember what it is." A few comments speculate that IH is pretending he doesn't know Hitler's birthday. To one of which, Sumito replies "oh he knows."
  • Pool's Closed
    A full breakdown by u/FlyByTieDye can be found here. It's bad.
  • Collaborations with Jonathan Jafari, aka JonTronShow
    Culture and Future. IH also follows JT on twitter.
  • Tucker Carlson Watch Parties
    IH made several comments on this post, which have since been deleted. However, here are screenshots of the original comments.
  • Follows Gavin McInnes on Twitter
    Founder of far-right terrorist group The Proud Boys.
  • Follows Chaya Raichik, aka Libs of TikTok on Twitter
    An anti-LGBT "activist" whose followers send bomb threats to schools and hospitals.
  • Follows Ron DeSantis on Twitter
    Republican governor of Florida who passed the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

This is just what I've been able to piece together myself with the help of various reddit and twitter users. NONE OF THESE EXAMPLES ARE CONCLUSIVE BY THEMSELVES, but together they paint a rather upsetting and revealing picture. If you have any further information and evidence, please comment below and I will investigate/add it to the list. Feel free to share this with anyone who's unsure as to why IH is suspected of being a Nazi.

Edit: I won't put this in the evidence section, however I would like to note that this post was briefly removed from the subreddit due to mass reporting. This is evident from the mod comment pinned below.


Tucker Carlson + Bikelock Screenshots - Quack_Factory

SumitoMedia Interview - u/SinibusUSG

Libs of TikTok + Ron DeSantis Screenshots - u/Wereking2

Proud Boys Statistics - u/cozyforestwitch

Pool's Closed Notes - u/FlyByTieDye

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Voting on ceasefire in the Israel-Palestine conflict

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Cat Picture My boyfriend thinks his cat is ugly, help me prove him wrong


So, yeah, I say she is very beautiful, because of her different-coloured coat and her adorable pinkish-black nose. He, on the other hand, says she is "bald" therefore ugly 😃He still loves her, but doesn't think she is pretty. So I decided we need the opinion of strangers to show him that he is wrong 😃 Her name is Hades, her best friend is a dog, and there is a high chance that she thinks she is a dog 🤣 Anyway. Pretty? Or not?

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Miscellaneous / Others Her coconut cutting skills

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The GOP’s abandonment of Ukraine makes me ashamed to be an American


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Politics Texas now requires you to upload a picture of your face to view porn


U.S. circuit court upholds Texas pornography age verification law | KXAN Austin - https://www.kxan.com/news/texas/u-s-circuit-court-upholds-texas-pornography-age-verification-law/

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My puzzle has letters on the back to check placement

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Discussion Is it just me or is there a 2007 R/atheism resurgence going on on X formally known as Twitter?

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DISCUSSION 4000 vBucks for a single car??

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The developer of The Day Before seems to be deleting evidence that it was ever an MMO game


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Merry Christmas, here’s your gift!


I sent my sister a stockpot and claimed other home goods for Christmas (she just got an apartment and has nothing for her kitchen).

She came home to find her package looked like it had been run over. The guy at the front desk who took the package in said the delivery driver seemed supremely uninterested in the problematic package. Getting it refunded and a new one sent over, hopefully in better condition and in time for Christmas.

Bonus cat in pic too. Say hello to Star!

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wow. it's so beautiful

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